Nesa Simon David


As the founder and lead consultant at Guru IT Consulting (PTY LTD), Nesa Simon David brings over two decades of comprehensive IT expertise to the forefront. With a strong foundation laid in software development since 1998, Simon has evolved into a seasoned professional with a remarkable track record in delivering innovative and high-quality solutions.

Simon holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Madurai Kamaraj University, a Bachelor of Internet Science & Technology degree from the University of Wollongong, and a Master of Information Technology degree from the University of Canberra. His educational background, coupled with hands-on experience, forms the basis of his strategic and holistic approach to IT consulting.

Having worked with reputable organizations such as the Australian Tax Office, Grains Research & Development Corporation, and in various roles at Dynama Solutions, Simon has showcased his prowess in diverse IT domains. Noteworthy achievements include playing a key role in the upgrade of the Input-Output Document Library at ATO, and contributing significantly in the development of the Enterprise Search Portal at GRDC and the modernization of IT infrastructure during his tenure at Dynama.

Simon is adept at a wide array of technologies, including but not limited to Java, C#, Python, Vue.js, and various frameworks and tools associated with DevOps practices. His skills encompass database design, microservices architecture, cloud computing with Azure, and container orchestration using Kubernetes. With a keen eye for emerging technologies and a commitment to continuous learning, Simon is well-positioned to guide organizations through the ever-evolving IT landscape.